How should i begin to invest to secure my family's future?

How should i begin to invest to secure my family's future?

Your compliments to you for thinking ahead. It's never too early to start investing for your future. But before you consider investing, you really ought to have a plan in place.

A financial plan is your road map. It helps you figure out where you're going, what you'll need along the way, and how to get there. Investing should be integrated with your plan. And investing is only one piece of a good plan.
All that being said, you should look to make sure you have a solid financial foundation before investing everything you have. Now, you don't have to wait to invest, but you should be making progress on these other areas at the same time.

Emergency Fund

You should be setting aside funds to cover for emergencies especially if you are the primary (or sole) income provider for your young family. Ideally, you should target for anywhere from 3 months to 12 months of your fixed, recurring expenses. Generally, the higher the income and more time it would take to replace your job. I will recommend targeting for something closer to 9 or 12 months.


Make sure you have adequate insurance for your health, disability, property, and life. Relying just on employer-sponsored benefits is not a good idea. To save money on property insurance, you should increase deductibles which are all the more reason to have an adequate emergency fund. You should aim for life insurance that covers all your fixed obligations (i.e. mortgage, loans, projected college costs) plus an amount that replaces your net income for at least 20 years (or when your kids may be expected to leave home). This includes insurance for your spouse as well.


This can be a topic all on its own. But for now, max out your retirement contributions. At the very least, you should expect to contribute an amount that will allow you to get any employer match. And don't forget to set aside for a separate spousal IRA (Individual Retirement Account).


Look to invest what you have leftover. You can control little when it comes to investing, except your costs and your allocation (and your emotions). With a plan, you can address all three. You'll have to get a handle on your risk tolerance and then match your time frame for investing with the type of investments. For instance, if you need money within a couple of years, you'll be looking at more conservative investments (like short-term bonds and certain large cap stock funds). On the other hand, the longer your time horizon until you need the money, the more you can allocate to more equity funds (Large Cap, Diversified Cap, Mid Cap & Balanced Fund).

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